Jb and Rocco appear on The Golf Channel

Rocco and Jimmy

We are looking for an orthopedic brace manufacturer to make our Swing Connector!! We have had no luck so far and the golf public needs this tool.  It's been around 40 years, it works!  Call the office if you have any leads, want to have made in America, sent it to China, but they said too much labor, go figure?


Rocco Mediate WON his debut and set the course record with a little 61 at the Allianz Championship in Boca Raton! He  followed up with a T5 in Naples, T6 in Newport, T6 in Mississippi, T24 at the Gwinnett, and a T12 in Savannah!  He added a 3rd place at the U.S. Senior Open, 3 more Top 20's and a 7 shot WIN at the Shaw Charity Classic!! More to follow!!


You can follow Jimmy on Twitter @Jballardgolf and Rocco @RoccoMediate



Jimmy is introducing a new swing product that will help all golfers, no matter which level!! "This will do more for the average golfer than any lesson can teach because finally you can FEEL Connection!!  All my students ask "What does it feel like to hit the ball connected?" Now you WILL KNOW!! 

Go to www.golfswingshirt.com to see this revolutionary swing product NOW!!


Check out this new video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4oKWAo6gzY&feature=c4-overview&list=UU6sOwFjC_7jHVLCbz0mU8tw


Jimmy proves his teaching everyday by the laws of physics and orthopedics!  Amateurs and pros alike! Jimmy says. . ."Players who talk about curving the golf ball - can't hit it straight.  Players who hit it straight - know how to curve the ball!"     


If you have been told to keep your head down, get a stiff lead arm, and turn or stay behind the ball, lag and drag or other physically impossible terms - you need to find a better way to swing the club before you hurt yourself!

Take the pain of a bad golf swing away!  Learn to practice the moves that will make you a better striker of the ball! 



How many times have you been told playing golf causes a bad back? 
FACT - if you have a connected swing, there is no strain on the muscles or joints.  Ask any orthopedist with knowlege of connection. 
FACT - Angles produce errant golf shots.  Ask any physics professor. How many times have you asked, "Why did the ball go there?" The body cannot work properly if you have angles.
FACT - Jimmy has the answers, (countless amatuers and professionals can attest) and he can effectively and efficiently prove it - Do yourself and your game a favor - Hit it straight and consistent, with no PAIN.   CALL NOW and make your golf enjoyable.  

 Hourly lessons in Ft Lauderdale are a bargain at $125 per hour with his longtime first assistant.  Call now to get started on your connected golf swing at a great price.  We offer gift certificates for lessons!

Contact us at #800-999-6664  or International calls (954) 675-5411 or
write to Jimmy at 24 Dockside Lane PMB 406, Key Largo FL 33037-5261