Video Analysis by Jimmy

Video Analysis by Jimmy

Ask his expert advice! Not everyone can afford the time or money to see Jimmy in person, NOW you can ASK him all your questions, pertaining to your swing! Don’t waste your time wanting to know how he would change your swing! Get your answers from THE source! HEAL YOUR GOLF SWING AND YOUR BACK PAIN AT THE SAME TIME!!

Many of you cannot see Jimmy in person, but you can get his expert opinion of your golf swing. Just video your swing

Video Instructions

1. from the front – camera aimed at the belt buckle straight on

2. from down the line – camera aimed between you and the ball and the line of flight

3. from the back – camera aimed at the center of the back.

Include any questions you have for him and remember it’s always best to shoot more film than less. We can look at MP4, quicktime files or anything filmed on your mobile devices.